Carrying out ideas for leading R&D and quality activities

Ongoing innovation is essential to customers and fundamental for the Prysmian Group’s future growth. With 17 research & development Centres of Excellence across 10 countries, advanced proprietary technologies, more than 500 skilled professionals and over 5,600 patents granted or filed, the company is equipped with best-in-class R&D capabilities.


Different incentive programmes are in place across the Group to source ideas, share knowledge and create an innovative mindset. This helps to achieve not only better and lower-cost products, but also safer and more eco-efficient solutions.


The Prysmian Group has long-established relationships with major universities and research centres, including the Polytechnic University in Milan, Trento’s Bruno Kessler Foundation in Italy, the University of Barcelona in Spain, the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil and the University of Delft in Holland.


The mission of the Prysmian Group’s R&D function is to identify innovative products and technology, to add new products and services to the existing range and to reduce production costs for both existing and new products. The quality of the Group’s products is assured by strict monitoring of every stage of production, from the procurement of raw materials to delivery of the finished product. Controls during raw materials procurement involve supplier selection and quality testing of individual supplies, which must be accompanied by special certificates stating their conformity to the standards agreed by contract.


A rigorous approach to quality has helped the company to maintain its world-leading position and made a significant contribution to the company’s continued success. Customer satisfaction is the number-one priority for the Prysmian Group and the company’s quality initiatives include “zero defects” and “right first time” approaches for all customer-related activities.


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