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As the world continues its rapid urbanisation, planning strategies, most notably for public transport lines, must adapt to meet demand.

Alongside the infrastructure challenges posed by the development of new megacities, the railway industry must also consider escalating customer expectations, fierce competition and frequent advancements in technology.

Railway systems themselves have undergone an intense period of modernisation with complex automation developments such as driverless trains and on-board communication systems. These advances demand cables with increasingly high levels of performance, reliability and safety.

Prysmian Group have developed new cable designs and materials to provide the latest in chemical and mechanical resistance, fire resistance, EMC behaviour and enhanced transmission capacity. We offer medium and low-voltage power cables, communication cables (also with optical fibre), and control and signalling cables and a full range of products ranging from central and distributed architectures, to CBTC, ETCS and interlocking technology.

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The Prysmian advantage

Our comprehensive range of railway and underground cables covers all functionalities and can be used to operate in nearly all railway cabling infrastructures.

They are suitable for any power and communication system, as well as signalling and control devices that operate - amongst other functions - track switches and optical signalling systems, the backhaul of actuators and the control loops in conventional or electronic track-control centres.

From basic telephone services to more complex applications like axle counter loops, linear or point-wise train information exchange and the use of advanced European train control systems, our cable networks cover the broadest range of applications.

In railway applications, cables are often installed in highly challenging conditions such as tunnels and deep underground lines. It’s crucial that they do not increase fire-related hazards and that they ensure the proper running of safety devices under extreme circumstances.

Prysmian’s LS0H cables comply with the very highest international standards. We offer a full range of cables specifically developed for underground lines and tunnels. In these types of installations, emergency exits and vital emergency-services apparatus must operate properly under fire conditions, for long enough to allow people to evacuate and permit the intervention of fire-fighters.

For these applications, Prysmian offers a complete range of cables, which exceed the most severe fire-resistance standards, even for communication purposes.


Prysmian Group produces tailored cables and solutions for major railway operators, such as Deutsche Bahn AG (Germany), RENFE (Spain), SNCF (France), RFI (Italy), SBB (Switzerland), Irish Rail (Ireland), CFR (Romania), MÁV (Hungary), Jernbaneverket (Norway), TCDD (Turkey), and New York City Transit (USA).

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Inside Railways

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Swiss Federal Railways Contract

Prysmian Group was awarded a new contract for a frame agreement worth approximately €26 million by SBB CFF FFS, the Swiss Federal Railways company.

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